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PT Pricing

New Bundle Deals!

$350 for three (3) one hour sessions. Savings of $40 dollars!

$550 includes five (5) one hour sessions.

Savings of $80 dollars!

7 or more sessions - $100 dollars per session!

(Sessions are transferable to family.)

First session is an evaluation; if time allows treatment begins. Treatment may vary based on complexity of problems or deficits.

Regular price for evaluation:

$150/hr and $120/hr per session.

Commit to a minimum of 3 or more sessions and begin the savings!

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  • One on One with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, what’s the catch? Most physical therapy clinic schedules and care may be diluted by the nature of insurance companies' control. Some physical therapists see anywhere from 2-4 patients an hour! Stop and think of what your co-pay would pay for in this case: 15-30 minutes of primary PT at most, then to an aide or a tech.

  • High insurance deductibles - most PT clinics bill $200+ per session, which is your responsibility until your deductible is met.

  • Places control back into your hands - no waiting when injured or hurt!

  • An hour of unrestricted attention and care, head to toe. Again, insurance companies reimburse clinics per diagnosis (one body part, typically) per session.

  • No referral or script necessary. (Medicare/Medicaid rules do apply)

  • Reimbursement from your health insurance is possible. Documentation with proper coding can be provided. Check with your insurance prior to beginning treatment.



10% Discount available!

This is offered to our servicemen and women, members of law enforcement, emergency responders and clergy.


Prefer to be visited at work or home?

$25 minimum travel charge within 15 mile radius of office. Case by case scenario beyond 15 miles.


Commercial Contracts available!

Employers, maintain high productivity from your staff! Do you have more than one employee that would benefit from some TLC? Just think of the savings, between less PTO used for travel to/from the clinic, plus healthier and happier employees! Interested? Call me at 413-314-3053 to schedule a consultation. 

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